Key features that sell a home quickly


To sell your home you first need to attract potential buyers get them interested and make a first impression that will quickly arouse their curiosity and create a desire for ownership.

The draw card known as “Curbside appeal”

Whether a potential buyer takes your for sale home seriously enough to want to see more, is to a large extent dependent on that first impression, when driving past or arriving for a showing of the property. “Curb appeal” two simple sounding words that can make the difference between getting people inside your home, and having one that lingers, unwanted on the market for months on end. These properties are generally used as a comparison tool by opportunistic realtors to sell other and better-presented properties.

Be objective and realistic

Homeowners generally view their properties differently to buyers, but to sell your home quickly take an objective view of your house and its surroundings. Stand away from it and gain a first impression of its most attractive features and what you can do to further enhance them. Make a comparison by determining the most unattractive exterior features of the house and what could be done to either improve, or at least, minimize them?

Clinically, act like a buyer and walk towards the home; is it clean and tidy with a well maintained and welcoming appearance, or does it project an impression of neglect?

Get a business attitude

This may sound harsh, but as a serious seller, you must stop thinking of your property as a home. It’s a structure or a product that a buyer wants for the cheapest possible price. Comparatively, you want to sell this product for highest obtainable price, to benefit your family and their futures; don’t you? A rhetorical question; is a buyer interested or influenced by the many happy years you have spent in the home? No; they are probably thinking about how much they can save on the loan and what changes need to be made to the house.

Be prepared for the buyers

The more opportunities you give potential buyers to negotiate on the price, the more they will take the advantage. Therefore, make a list of the problem areas you reveal during your objective inspections. Make the cleaning and repairing tasks your first priorities, followed by enhancement of the garden and surrounds; for example:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove weeds growing between paving and trim grass edgings
  • Repair and clean the gutters
  • Ensure the windows clean
  • Eradicate any mold and mildew on the house, the roof, walkways and the driveway.
  • Pressure washes where necessary.
  • Remove garden implements or tools from the garden

Remember buyers also view in the evening

Many potential buyers survey an area in the evening, either due to convenience or to gain further impressions and perspective about living there. Therefore, it’s worth highlighting your property at dusk, with appropriate illumination that provides and enhances the character of your home, helping create that all important buyer motivation!