You Need a Solid Plan For a Successful Blog. How You Plan It?

Content Marketing

Who did not read the phrase “Planning leads to success” in school days? I guess only the important and busy people who nowadays don’t care to plan when writing a blog. And I don’t blame them as now things have become so commercial that we are always ready to compromise quality and creativity for some extra time saving which could get used for earning the next extra dollar.

But, I believe there are still some fools who care more about creating creative pieces which are out of the box and different than others. BTW, these fools are the delicious treats every business is looking for their branding and marketing because these are the fools who know better quality bids higher.

This guide of planning is for those blog writers who are planning to join the team of fools. This process of planning may make you the owner of a legendary blog post you can proud of in the future.

To start with, you should plan how the introductory section of the blog should be. It is an old school but classic style that your intro will have a mini version of your whole content. You can use-

  • Bullet points (boring, yet works),
  • Small Paragraphs with spaces. (Best way, but you must highlight the key terms for each small paragraph)
  • Or even descriptive text (when you are too lazy!)

Data you collected from your research should be in a draft format; you can categorize them like

  • Quotes
  • Statistics
  • References
  • Texts
  • Even images
  • Even videos

Next part of the plan is for the body section. I suggest you to go paragraph by paragraph. Write down your plan for the first para, and the plan should tell you which quote, which reference you want to use, where you want to use and how. What will be the humor part and what will arise the interest of your audience. And of course how you want to switch to the next paragraph. (A sudden switch is never good)

You can plan for the rest of the paragraph in a similar way.

A long blog is always better, because

  • Google Loves long blogs
  • You can have more time to convince your audience (long blog means more talking, more time)
  • More scope to make the blog interesting
  • More scope to present a complete solution about a subject
  • More scope to use targeted KWs
  • More scope to promote your brand

But a long blog has critical risks, are-

  • Long blogs could be boring
  • Info could be repetitive
  • Could contain fluffs
  • Hard to keep the flow of the subject
  • If it is not organized, audience may get lost and start trying to recall the subject (which is a disaster)

Secrets of Successful Blog

A blog is the most flexible content format. Flexibility and informal nature are the strength of a blog. You can share anything on your blog, any humor, any horror, any surprise, any suspense.. Anything which can make your audience start thinking, get engaged and ultimately start enjoying your text. The more you can influence your audience the more share and social media engagement you can expect (the open secret path to make your blog viral). Remember, it is just a game of psychology. If you know the psychology of your audience, you win.

A blog is the best tool to attract your target market. But, to redeem that power, the blog has to be written in 1st person view. The tone must be informal and a mixture of humor. To be more specific, the tone should be conversational. More like, you are talking to your audience through your lines. Remember a conversation has to parties! There are some other hacks which can make your blog successful, are –

Quotes & Statistics: Quote and statistics are the pillars of trust. When you are referring to a quote or statistical data, it gives a feeling of trust to the audience. It happens in the unconscious part of the mind, but it happens.

Images and videos: Images and videos are best tools to make your blog attractive and user-friendly. Also, you get a great chance to lock down your audience with these multimedia formats. People like to watch and listen more than reading, why? Because it is less tiring. Also, these give a colorful way to present your mind/thoughts/info.

The conversational tone and humor: This is the main and basic secret of a blog. We love to read story books, but not school textbooks, why? The answer should tell you why a conversational tone/story telling style and humor is important and why I am repeating this point. You must make your blog a story book or a book of jokes or a book of unknown knowledge which will thrill your audience, depending on your target audience.

Splitting into paragraphs, not sub-titles: We are more habituated in planning the body paragraphs with subtitles. That is too typical and old school. There are many other smarter ways which can replace this ‘subtitle.’ method. For say, you can start your paragraph with a quote. The next paragraph could start with statistical data. Making it more interesting you can start your next paragraph referring an image or video. And thus it should go on. You just need to use your creativity, be innovative with out of box ideas. And, getting ideas is too easy nowadays, when you have Google with numerous genius writers around the globe. Read their blogs, read regularly and carefully, and you will be able to catch their secrets.

How Should be The Conclusion:

A conclusion should be like a fancy wrapper we use for warping the birthday gift. Because this is the part, your audience will remember. I believe you want your audience not to forget about all of the knowledge you shared. So, a brief wrapping up of the whole blog but in a conclusive manner could be the best ending for any blog.

The difference between Article and Blog:

Knowing the difference between general articles and blogs is very important. These two formats look alike at first sight though they are totally different in kind and objective. The basic difference is the tone of the language. An article does not care much for keeping a hold on its audience; rather an article is an open source of knowledge. A writer does not need to worry about if he/she is applying enough tricks to convince the audience when a blog writer does. The tone of the language in the article is 90% formal when a blog should be in 100% informal tone. A blog is not always a source of unrevealed knowledge rather sometimes a share of events, emotions or any experience when an article is always a source of structured knowledge.

In a more easy word, Articles are your school textbooks when blogs are your favorite comics or poems.

Thousands and millions of blogs get published every day, but only a few worth reading. And only those blogs and their writers deserve consideration for being used as a tool for promotion or SEO. At the end of the day, quality and ideas are the makers of money.