Oleophobic Coating For Non-Greasy And Fingerprint-Free Surfaces

oleophobic coating
Oleophobic Coating

The terms “oleophobic coating” have started to be heard with some frequency after the appearance of touchscreen mobiles and devices. However, its uses overpass sole screens protection. It can be applied on other surfaces, such as windshields. Basically, an oleophobic coating provides protection against greasy agents, such as fingerprints, unclean greasy cloth that instead of cleaning, simply spreads the grease across the glass.
An oleophobic layer not only keeps grease at bay, it also provides an anti-scratch protection to the glass, as damaging elements slide off instead of producing friction, thus damaging the surface.

Phone manufacturers has started applying oleophobic coating on top of mobile screens to make finger smudges less of an issue.

It can be applied over diverse objects, not only to smartphone´s screens. Another common use is with LCD screens for a total enjoyment of flawless images. It protects from dust particles that could spoil your vision, fingerprints, and scratches without altering the original color of the surface.
A great advantage of an oleophobic treatment is that it reduces cleaning time, as stain and dirt do not adhere to the treated surfaces.

Durable Water Repellent Protection

Rain is known to be the cause of many car accidents, slippery roads and decreased visibility augment the probabilities of accidents. Most drivers find it hard to maintain visual acuity in the rain, something that increases noticeably during nighttime. Water drops spreading on the glass impede visibility unless the glass is treated with a durable water repellent protective coat. When the coat is applied, instead of adhering to the surface, the drops keep a spherical shape and, and are naturally blown away with the vehicle´s movement. With a water repellent nano coating, the visibility improves noticeably on humid conditions, under rain, or snow. It not only provides visibility improvement but also makes your windshields easy to clean, as it prevents adherence of external agents.

Best Windshield Water Repellent Technology

Glasshield products grant safe driving under harsh climate conditions. Normally windshield water repellent properties last up to two years. A simple 50ml nano spray can provides a 200 to 300nm coating thickness to your windscreen, overall glasses and mirrors. Not only does it improve your visibility under rainy conditions, but also keeps the surfaces stain and oil free. Applying the product is very easy, and anyone can do it within a few minutes:

• Choose a shade area
• Clean the surface from dust, oil, or water
• Spray the surface about 20 times per square meter.
• Use dry cotton cloth to buff the surface immediately
• Give the product 24 hours of curing time
• Drive safely!

Keep your glass surfaces cleaner and protected with the oleophobic and water repellent properties of the best nano technology products. Dare to enjoy your belongings for longer time, without having to spend hours on cleaning maintenance. Protect your assets and your family with a single spray.