Right Exercise can Help You Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

A protruding belly is ugly to have and horrible for others to see. Everyday we unfortunately see many people with wobbly bellies leading them along. There is no need really to have a fat belly at all, and the best way to go about losing this unwanted fat on your middle is simply by diet and exercising. Generally, belly fat is caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle of sitting around, being a couch potato or spending too much time stationary at the computer. It is also caused by eating too much, eating the wrong foods such as fatty chips and take-outs, and by not getting enough regular exercise. However, it can be genetic as well but that does not mean that you need to keep this excess flab, it may just not be as easy to take off as quickly.

With this abdominal obesity on you, which clinically is called central obesity, you are obliged to shop for a larger size of pants, and there is a tendency for both men and women to begin wearing loose shirts or blouses in an effort to hide the extra bulging of their abdominal fat. There are also people who tend to wear clothing far too tight and this simply exposes ungainly unsightly flesh for all to see.

It has been proven that an accumulation of belly fat presents health problems. So, from a health point of view especially it is wise to burn off this fat before it turns into a critical issue for you. Experts in the Medical field feel that excess belly fat can lead to various health disorders that include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even eventually Alzheimer’s.

Going on a fat free diet and exercise to lose belly fat are partners for losing belly fat. Dieting alone is not enough to burn fat off you have to exercise as well. Paying occasional visits to the gym will not be sufficient; you have to do regular exercising to burn up those unwanted calories on your midriff. If you are serious about losing your belly fat you have to exercise for an hour daily, so make a point of including time for exercising in your regular routine.

Easy abdominal exercises


An easy way to begin your belly fat removal plan is by simple walking. Set yourself distance targets, which you increase every week until you cover a substantial amount of ground at a good walking pace. You will be amazed at how the weight then starts dropping, your middle firms up and how much healthier and energetic you begin to feel.


Research has found that jogging is more beneficial for breaking down unwanted fat than is weightlifting. This aerobic type of exercise is good for ridding obesity overall and for keeping you fit.


Swimming with using strokes that are strenuous, such as backstroke or butterfly at least once or twice a week is a further help for burning calories and reducing your belly fat.


A perfect exercise to lose belly fat and strengthening your tummy muscles as well as increasing your heart rate is by cycling at a quick pace. Make sure of including uphill cycling in your chosen route.


Another good exercise to lose belly fat is to practice yoga exercises such as the yoga asana pose. This requires you to lie on your back, and raise your legs and upper body at a thirty- degree angle and hold the pose for thirty seconds at a time.

About exercising that helps you lose belly fat

As you gain energy, you can try doing abdominal exercises such as crunches, which will help develop your belly muscles and firm them up. Lie down on the ground and alternate bringing up your knees to make contact with your upper body. After you are used to this exercise it is time to modify the exercise for a more effective exercise for the tummy area with doing twist crunches.

To do this, while crunching, lift your right shoulder towards the left but keep the left shoulder on the ground, then alternate the movement. You should do this for at least ten times. Then there is the side crunch, which is similar to the twist crunch except that you now tilt your legs to the same side while tilting your shoulders.

Having mastered the crunches so far, try the reverse crunch, which is an excellent exercise to lose belly fat. Lie down flat with hands by your side and the palms facing the ground. Lift your legs keeping your knees bent and up at a ninety-degree angle, then lift your hips bringing your legs close to your chest. This applies pressure on your tummy. Loosen your legs and repeat the exercise.

A starter workout for fast belly fat loss

The lunge twist is very good for beginners. Accomplish this by standing with legs parted at a hip width and the knees slightly bent. Lift your hands and keep them straight with your shoulders and parallel with the ground, take a step forward with the right leg and sit yourself as though you were sitting on a chair and your knees at a ninety- degree angle from the floor. The left leg should be backwards and supported by the toes and your spine kept straight. Now twist your body to the right and then to the left. Only your body must twist, not your legs. Repeat this exercise several times.

It does not take long for you to begin to reap the success of your efforts and enjoy having a better shape and body appearance and furthermore you are now aware about exercises that help you lose belly fat.

The modern fast way of life has encouraged belly fat to appear on both men and women all over the world. Through limited time and existence of fast-food outlets and international styled restaurants, people are discouraged from cooking meals in their homes and preference shown for ‘eating out’, thus promoting belly fat.