Can Solar Snake Repellers Help Keep Out Dangerous Snakes?


Every country has their own types of snakes that they have to deal with. For the most part as long as these reptiles stay in their own neck of the woods, most people just stay out of their way. But what about when they decide to visit and take up residence on your property? Will solar snake repellers help with the problem? To some people they feel that all snakes are dangerous, but this really isn’t the case and it really comes down to simply not liking them. The dangerous snakes are those that are venomous. Australia for example, has its fair share of this category of snake. At the same time very few deaths have been reported as a result of a bit from these venomous snakes. While it is really frightening to think about these snakes living on your personal property, it has to be remembered that snakes would rather take flight than fight when it comes to humans. If they are guilty of biting it is normally because they have been frightened by a human, and they are acting out in self- defence and not just being malicious. What is known as the common brown snake is one to be cautious of throughout the eastern half of mainland Australia. Their venom is classified by some experts as being the second most toxic in the world.


Its cousin is the Western brown snake, and has been said to make up part of the group of snakes that cause the most deaths from snake bites in Australia. These are just two of several of what are considered as dangerous snakes in Australia, used as an example. There are many others that are non-venomous but they too on occasion like to take up residence amongst humans. Even those who happen to be snake lovers will draw the line when it comes to sharing their personal space with these reptiles for the most part. There have been a lot of trial and error efforts into riding residential property of snakes with mixed reviews as to the success of the efforts utilized.

What is becoming of interest to many who are striving to rid their property of snakes, is the solar powered deterrents. This is because it has been discovered that snakes do hear, and this is the working premise of these types of snake deterrents. They emit an ultrasonic vibration that these reptiles don’t like and as a result they will try to avoid them. So by strategically placing this in the areas that you want to keep the snakes out of you can rely on the solar powered snake deterrents to do the job for you.

There certainly are many other methods that have been tried, but what comes with them is some potential dangers to animals or children, or at the very least are not good for the environment, and most often simply don’t work.

When dealing with a snake problem, it is first important to remove anything that may be enticing them to take up residence on your property. Ideally you want to know the type of snake you are dealing with so you can be extra cautious if it is of the venomous type. Then you want to perhaps try the solar snake deterrents especially If you have tried other methods that have failed.