World’s Famous Failures in Life – Ariana Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Ariana Huffington is a strong woman who has learnt how to take all challenges in stride and work towards making the best out of any negative situation. Although she now strongly advocates taking a step back and reflecting on life’s more important things like relationships, rest and being at peace with one’s self, she does however still push herself to make a difference wherever she can. The success of her blogs, The Huntington Post, which she co-founded, still keeps her very busy as she strives to get everyone to understand the need and importance to “stop and smell the roses”.

The experience of failure is not totally alien to this phenomenally high achiever. Failures have plagued her throughout her career starting with her almost surreal feat in taking on Germaine Greer. In Ariana Huffington’s first book The Female Woman she basically criticized the Female Eunuch. Although it was quite insightful, it did “rub” a lot of people the wrong way, but this did not deter her in any way, as Ariana went on to write 13 more books, take on the role of a political commentator and also eventually became a candidate herself. She then went on to become the co-founder and editor in chief of the incredibly successful and highly acclaimed Huntington Post.

Among the more spectacular failures she has had to go through, would be the 36 rejections she had to face when she wanted to launch her second book. These rejections were not only a shock to her but also incomprehensible, since her had already enjoyed complete success with her first book. For some, this would have presented a setback, but for her, it only fired her up to push through and continue with the launching of the second book anyway. The book rejections only created an even deeper drive to succeed.

Another embarrassing failure would be her foray as a political candidate. The lack of support and interest in her candidacy was evident in the abysmal showing in the 2003 gubernatorial elections. She made the decision to withdraw about a week before the actual elections but her name somehow remained on the ballot, thus giving her a fifth finish with 0.55% of the overall votes. She noted two very important things during the gubernatorial campaign, which she later used to her advantage. The first was the surprising amount of more than $1million dollars raised during the campaign and the other was the power the internet yields.

Criticism is something Ariana is familiar with, as throughout her career dabbling in different and widely varied endeavors, all she ever initially got was a lot of criticism. However, very early on she decided to take these criticisms, examine them for their merits, and only use what she found to be of use to her.

Ariana was taught from a very young age not to look for failure but not to fear it either. She then decided to use every failure, learn from it and them mold them into future successes. The accomplishments today only prove this very passionate thought process, to be a very bankable exercise to live by.